Tour 2010

Released: 2010 / 2011

2010-2011 sees Jarre booked for his first ever world tour. Over 250 dates in 35 countries, he offered a rare opportunity to share his talent live.
Cult writer of SF novels 2001 & 2010 Arthur C Clarke said that he listened to Jarres album over and over while writing, Jarre decides to pay tribute to him by calling the tour 2010 .
The spaceship Jarre embarked on this tour with 3 musicians and 60 vintage analog synthesizers playing arenas in front of a most cross-over audience : young amateurs of techno-electro, white collar professionals, the high-tech & audiophile 40-something, the original Oxygene generation.

Jean Michel Jarre
Claude Samard
Francis Rimbert
Dominique Perrier (2010)
Jerome Gueguen (2010-2011)