2005 marked the 25th anniversary of the Polish workers movement, Solidarnosc. It was given its rightful grand celebration with a large-scale Jarre concert on August 26, as wished by Nobel Peace Prize, and founder of Solidarnosc, Lech Walesa.

The setting was the Gdansk shipyards, where the Solidarnosc movement was born. Over 170,000 paying audience attended the concert, and in addition, the concert could be watched on giant screens around the city and live on National TV.

Within the concert repertoire, Jarre performed an uplifting and moving arrangement of Mury, an old Polish workers hymn. Quite appropriately in the old docks environment, Jarre chose Industrial Revolution as the opening track.

Synchronised to the music, the concert featured a lavish display of fireworks. The old ships cranes were lit in many colours and were used to move the giant screens around.

Track list:

1. Shipyard Overture [Industrial Revolution]
2. Oxygene 2
3. Chopin Memories
4. Aero
5. Oxygene 4
6. Souvenir
7. Geometry of Love
8. Equinoxe 4
9. Space of Freedom [March 23]
10. Aerology
11. Theremin solo
12. Chronology 2
13. Mury
14. Chronology 6
15. Oxygene 8
16. Light My Sky
17. Tribute to Jean-Paul II [ Acropolis]
18. Second Rendez Vous
19. Vivaldi (Summer-Presto)
20. The Emigrant
21. Oxygene 12
22. Fourth Rendez Vous
23. Solidarnosc [Oxygene 13]
24. Aerology (Neimo remix)

Jean Michel Jarre
Francis Rimbert
Patrick Rondat
Claude Samard
Polish Baltic F.Chopin Philharmonic Orchestra
Gdansk University Choir

Date and Place:
26. August Gdansk, Poland

Estimated Audience: