Jarre Caps Monumental 12 Months with Grammy Nomination

Throughout a musical career that has spanned more than four decades, the last 12 months might just be the most prolific and outstanding period of pioneering electronic music composer, Jean-Michel Jarre’s career.

Having released three albums, Jarre’s year got even better this December with the news that the first part of his two-part ‘Electronica’ series, titled ‘Electronica 1: The Time Machine’ has been nominated for none other than a Grammy award.

Nominated in the ‘Best Electronic/Dance Album’ category, Jarre’s second Grammy nomination has been six years in the making, having started the process of Electronica back in 2010. Looking to shed a light on the legacy – as well as the future – of electronic music, Jarre called on an array of global superstars to help record Electronica for the two-part release, with 15 of the final 30 artists featured on the now Grammy-nominated part one.

It was unmistakably Jarre’s most ambitious project to date, with each collaborator personally chosen by the Frenchman. Part one included the likes of Vince Clarke, Fuck Buttons, Laurie Anderson, Lang Lang, Gesaffelstein and Armin van Buuren among many more.

The Grammy nomination also arrives a week on from the release of Oxygene 3, the final part to his Oxygene Trilogy that started back in 1976, where Jarre added seven new original compositions to the series, titled OXYGENE 14-20.

December 2nd 1976 saw the release of Oxygene 1, which I can say changed my life!