The Story behind EōN.

« EON » is an ancient Greek God associated with Time & Eternity.

The « time » represented by EON is infinite and unbounded in the sense of «ages» and «forever». In cosmology, geology or astronomy, EON is often used in reference to a period of a billion years…

I named this project EŌN, as it best defines exactly what it is – an infinite musical and visual creation, which offers each individual a unique experience on its primary support as an App: on each device, and on each launch of the EŌN App, you will hear and see a unique ever-evolving orchestration of the music & the visuals. EŌN is a never ending, never repetitive, organic art-piece that will live & grow forever in everyone’s own singular space-time continuum, at the tip of their finger.

Personally, I truly feel that EŌN is probably one of my most exciting creative projects since Oxygene. I always wanted to create a music specific for each listener and which could constantly evolve. Here it is. EŌN is conceived & composed for your own eternity!

I had a very clear idea of the organic, living visuals I wanted to accompany my music creation, and I was very lucky to have spent some time in Tokyo at Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc (Sony CSL) where I found Alexis André and his singular visual world. Sony CSL with Alexis have conceived and developed an algorithm generating the endless flow of ever-evolving graphics, which like the music is never ending, nor repetitive. All the illustrations included in this box are visual snapshots of Alexis’ creative graphic work.

The algorithm and audio engine that orchestrate the music of the EŌN App have been engineered by Alexis Zbik & Vianney Apreleff from BLEASS after we defined the rules of the system together.


Down below we have a collection of common questions on how to use Eōn.

Since version 1.3, EōN offers the possibility to share your “EōN moment” with your friends. This functionality records a 48 seconds extract of audio and video from EōN that you can then share freely with your friends!

To record and share your EōN moment,

    1. open the menu by tapping on the main screen
    2. at the bottom of the menu is a red button:
    3. tap on it and it will ask you to allow screen recording. To do so, click “Record Screen”
    4. then, the recording starts. If you tap on the screen during the recording, it will stop the recording before the 48 seconds loop, but if you wait till the end of the recording, it will stop automatically and you will be asked what to do with your EōN moment:
    5. you can cancel the recording, or share it on Facebook and Instagram: it will then automatically open the app you have chosen!
    6. but you can also save your EōN moment directly into the Photo Library to share it elsewhere. In order to save it, you have to allow EōN to access your photos: click “OK”
    7. Now your EōN moment has been saved to your photos!
    8. Simply close EōN and open the photo app to find your EōN moment!
    9. When sharing your EōN moment, don’t forget to mention that it is indeed and extract from EōN by Jean-Michel Jarre!

EōN brings stunning generative graphics engineered by Alexis André from Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc (Sony CSL), but if you watch and listen to EōN for hours, you can experience a quick draining of your battery. This is because using the screen of your device needs a lot of energy!

Of course, one solution is to charge your device while using EōN but if you are away from your charger, and only want to listen to EōN, then you can simply lock your screen and continue to listen to the music in the background, using only a small amount of energy compared to when your device’s screen is switched on.

Also, when your screen is locked, you sill can access to EōN functionalities such as play/pause volume adjustement and AirPlay!

If you want to have EōN stop playing after a defined time, you can use the clock app. It is a native function in iOS that you can use!
To do so: 

  1. Open the Clock app in iOS.

  2. Tap on the “Timer” tab at the bottom of the Clock app.

  3. Set the timer by swiping up and down on the hours, minutes, and seconds.
  4. Tap on “When Timer Ends” and choose “Stop Playing” at the bottom of the list

  5. Tap on “Start” to begin the timer.
  6. You’re all set! EōN will stop playing after the chosen time!