Jean-Michel Jarre, composer, performer and music producer, is renowned worldwide as a pioneer of electronic music, many today refer to him as the Godfather of electronic music. The Frenchman – whose works include the wildly successful albums, Oxygene and Equinoxe – has sold over 80 million albums worldwide over his successful four decade career.
His live performances are the stuff of legend, and world records. Jarre created a new format of out-door concert performance and was responsible for some of the biggest concerts in history, performing in front of 2.5 million people in Paris and 3.5m in Moscow.
Jarre released Electronica 1 : The Time Machine in 2015 & Electronica 2 : The Heart of Noise in 2016 from which he received a 2017 Grammy nomination for Best Electronic/Dance Album. In the meantime, Jarre brings his Electronica Tour on every continent.
Aside from his activities directly linked to music, Jean-Michel Jarre is president of CISAC, and is for the past two decades UN Ambassador for UNESCO.