Announcement of the winners
Friday, July 3rd, 7.30pm (Paris time)

Due to the present Covid-19 sanitary measures, Record Store Day 2020 (“Disquaire Day” in France) initially planned for this Saturday April 18th, has been postponed to June 20th. Yet, these very special times & lockdown can also be used to lend our minds to more creative endeavours and making music is a great way to uplift spirits! With this in mind, Jean-Michel Jarre imagined a remix contest from his latest creation, “EōN”, commencing this weekend on the initial date of Record Store Day, ending on June the 22nd (new date), with winners publicly revealed & announced on new RSD June 20th.

For this special occasion, the price of the EōN app will be dropped from $8,99 (9,99€) to $5,99 (6,99€) on this Saturday the 18th. You can download EōN for iPhone or iPad from the AppStore here: http://bit.ly/EoNbyJMJ

The principle is very simple: download EōN and use the “Share Your EōN moment” feature (see below for more details) and record a 48 seconds snippet from EōN that you can store on your device. You can then use your favorite EōN moment as “raw material” for your remix!

Then, you can import your favorite extract from EōN into your favorite DAW. (see F.A.Q. below)

Upload your remix in MP3 format before June 22nd (new date),11:59 P.M (CET) on this very page.
Additional clarification: please don’t share your remix on other platforms before the final selection of the contest.

Jean-Michel Jarre will personally select the 3 most musical and creative remixes amongst the submissions !

  1. First prize wins a  “Snapshots From EōN” Box Set (signed & numbered limited edition) + a face2face Video Meeting with Jean-Michel Jarre
  2. Second prize wins “Snapshots From EōN” Box Set (signed & numbered limited edition)
  3. Third prize wins 5 codes to offer EōN to friends and family, as well as all of the iOS BLEASS apps (www.bleass.com)

Winners will be announced on July 2nd by JMJ himself….So get to your studio and get ready to remix EōN !


To record your own “EōN moment” on EōN:

    1. open the menu by tapping on the main screen
    2. at the bottom of the menu is a red button:
    3. tap on it and it will ask you to allow screen recording. To do so, click “Record Screen”
    4. then, the recording starts. If you tap on the screen during the recording, it will stop the recording before the 48 seconds loop, but if you wait till the end of the recording, you will get a perfect 48 seconds loop which equals to 24 bars at 120bpm. It will then stop automatically and you will be asked what to do with your EōN moment:
    5. Click on “Save” in order to store your EōN moment directly into the Photos. Don’t forget to allow EōN to access your photos by clicking “OK”
    6. Now your EōN moment has been saved to your photos! You can repeat these steps as much as you want.
    7. Now close EōN and open the photo app to find your favorite EōN moments!

First, make sure that you have well recorded your favorite EōN moment into your Photo App! Then, from the Photo App, you can choose to share it wherever you want (using AirDrop or mail for example)

Some DAWs such as Ableton Live allow directly the use of MP4 video files, which you easily can drag and drop. But if your DAW is not compatible with video files, you can then transcode you EōN moment to a wave file. The quickest and easiest way is to use an online converter such as https://www.aconvert.com/audio/mp4-to-wav/


Additional clarification: please don’t share your remix on other platforms before the final selection of the contest, but only upload your remix through the dedicated upload form below:

EōN is currently only available for iPhone and iPad, but EōN will be available on other platforms in the future! Stay tuned!
In the meantime, here are a few selected EōN moments that you can download here and use to do your remix!