Jarre gave two charity concerts in June 2001 at the Herodion Atticus amphitheatre next to the Acropolis in Athens, for Elpida, a foundation to help children with cancer initiated by Jarre’s fellow UNESCO ambassador, Mrs. Marianna Vardinoyannis. The final dress rehearsal was reserved specially for all the children and carers from Elpida. The setting for these concerts was the extremely beautiful, the ancient stone of the amphitheatre overlooked by the magnificent columns of the Acropolis was a most prestigious canvas for Jarre’s talent. On stage with Jarre were his musicians, a female soprano and a symphonic orchestra.

No new music was presented though a much reworked Give Me A Sign sounded almost like a new composition and had also been given a new title; Acropolis.

Track list:
1. Oxygene 4
2. Oxygene 2
3. Equinoxe 4
4. Magnetic Fields 2
5. Je Me Souviens
6. Chronologie 3
7. Oxygene 8
8. Magnetic Fields 1
9. Ethnicolor
10. Vivaldi Tribute
11. Gloria Lonely Boy
12. Oxygene 13
13. Souvenir of China
14. Equinoxe 7
15. Chronologie 6
16. Second Rendez-Vous
17. Oxygene 12
18. Revolutions
19. Hymn to the Acropolis (orchestral version of Give Me a Sign)
20. Fourth Rendez-Vous
(Ethnicolor wasn’t played at the last concert due to live TV Broadcast time constrains)

Jean Michel Jarre
Enarmonia Orchestra
Laurent Faucheux
The Hellenic Festival Choir
Vasiliki Karagianni
Christoph Papendieck
Francis Rimbert
Patrick Rondat

Date and Place:
18.-20. June 2001 Acropolis, Athen, Greece

Estimated Audience: