Hong Kong Stadium Concert

In continuation of Europe in Concert, Jarre was invited to perform a concert in Hong Kong on 11 March, 1994. The occasion was the opening of the City’s brand new new stadium. Given his history with China.

The tickets were sold out within two days. On stage, in addition to Jarre and his synthesisers, there was a Chinese orchestra and a choir as well as a series of performers.

Sylvain Durand
Laurent Faucheux
Julie Lecernais
Dominique Mahut
Miranda (voice of Time)
Francis Rimbert
Patrick Rondat
Dominique Perrier
Michel Valy
Chuen Ying Arts Centre of Hong Kong chinese orchestra (conducted by Cheng Chai-Man)
Hong Kong Opera Society choir

1. Chronologie 2
2. Equinoxe IV
3. Souvenir of China
4. Chronologie 4
5. Oxygene IV
6. Chronologie 6
7. Chronologie 3
8. Magnetic Fields 2
9. Chronologie 8
10. Digisequencer
11. Band in the Rain (Unplugged)
12. Fishing Junks at Sunset
13. Fourth Rendez-Vous
14. Chronologie 4 (Encore)

Date and Place:
11 March 1994, Hong Kong Stadium, Hong Kong

Estimated Audience: