Released: 1997

Oxygen In Moscow

In 1997, immediately after the Oxygene Tour, Jean Michel Jarre was commissioned by the Mayor of Moscow to give a spectacular civic-event concert for the Citys 850th anniversary. The concert, which was held in front of the imposing architecture of the State University of Moscow, would prove to be the worlds biggest – more than 3.5 million people turned up en masse to share this unique event : Jean Michel Jarre’s music has been followed and admired since the beginning of his career in Russia, and his first performance was indeed long-awaited.

For the occasion, Jarre reserved a huge surprise for the Russian audience ; a direct link with the Russian space station, Mir, live from Space during the concert, a most moving, thrilling and unforgettable moment for all that evening.

Track Listing:
Rendez-Vous 2
Equinoxe 7
Chronologie 6
Magnetic Fields 1
Oxygene 11
Souvenir of China (Tribute to Princess Diana)
Equinoxe 4
– linkup to MIR Space Station
Oxygene 7
Oxygene 10
Oxygene 2
Magnetic Fields 2
Oxygene 4
Chronologie 4
Oxygene 8
Oxygene 12
Rendez-Vous 4
Oxygene 13

Jean Michel Jarre
Laurant Faucheux
Dominique Mahut
Christopher Papendieck
Dominique Perrier
Francis Rimbert

Date and Place:
September 6th 1997 Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

Estimated Audience
3,500,000 million (new world record)