The Twelve Dreams Of The Sun


1999 - 2000


December 31st


Pyramids of Giza, Cairo, Egypt



Jean Michel Jarre had no particular plans for Millennium New Years Eve. But then came the tragic terrorist attacks at Luxor, where several Western tourists were killed. UNESCO, in a bid to support the State of Egypt, home to precious world cultural heritage, and most dependent on the tourist trade, asked Jarre to travel to Egypt as its Ambassador to draw media support for the Egyptian tourism industry. During his visit and discussions with the Egyptian government around the subject that something should be done to recreate a positive and modern image of the country Jarre was invited to conceive and perform a Millennium concert at the Pyramids of Gizeh.


The Legend
Je Me Souviens
Dream 1 : The Rock
Miss Moon
Oxygene II
Dream 2 : The House
Chronologie 6
Dream 3 : The Tree
Equinoxe VII
Magnetic Fields 2
Dream 4 : The Boat
Millions of Stars
Dream 5 : The Flesh
Souvenir of China
Oxygene 10
Dream 6 : The Voice
Umm Kulthum
Dream 7 : The Sky
Hey Gargarin
Dream 8 : The Child
Gloria Lonely Boy Millennium
Millennium Countdown
C’est La Vie
Salma Ya Salama
Dream 9 : The Bell
Equinoxe IV
Dream 10 : The Snow
Oxygene IV
Tout est Bleu
Dream 11 : The Blood
Oxygene 12
Dream 12 : The Gate
Give me a sign
Oxygene 8
Band in the Rain
Rendez-vous II

Sunrise Concert
Oxygene 7
C’est la Vie
The Sun
Hey Gagarin


Jean Michel Jarre
Laurie Anderson
Natacha Atlas
Yvan Cassar
Joachim Garraud
Amal Maher
Christopher Papendieck
Francis Rimbert
Fraderic Sanches (Sound Illustrator)
Gary Wallis
Aswan Folkloric Music Troupe
Cairo Opera Symphonic Orchestra (conducted by Dr. Moustafa Nagui)
Cairo Opera House Choir (conducted by Aldo Magnato)
El Nil Folkloric Music Troupe
National Arabic Ensemble (conducted by Nasredine Dalil)
National Folkloric Music Troupe