In less than ten years the Swiss watchmaker, Swatch, sold 100 million watches, and began a collaboration with Jean Michel Jarre in 1992 in order to celebrate this success; Jarre designed the first ever Swatch with a musical alarm.

Jean Michel Jarre also created two multimedia shows which took place on 25 and 26 September, 1992, at Zermatt in Southern Switzerland, ten kilometres from the Italian border, painting in music and light the Matter Horn and the surrounding snow-capped mountains.


1. Swatch Countdown
2. Une Alarme Qui Swingue Overture
3. Equinoxe IV (Mix)
4. Revolution (Mix)
5. Zoolookologie (Mix)
6. Oxygene IV
7. Magnetic Fields 2 (Mix)
8. Second Rendez-Vous
9. Une Alarme Qui Swingue – Rappel